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How to create a personalized chat message that fit your goals on Linkedin

To complete this tutorial, you will need: Chrome plugin.
Written by
Alec Whitten
Published on
17 January 2022

Step-by-step tutorial

To create a personalized message for chat on LinkedIn, first, open the desired chat:

Once the chat box is open, the personalization feature will be available in the Chrome extension.

To access the Chrome extension, click on the icon in the chat header or open the extension window through the extension button in your Chrome browser's widget bar:

In the Chrome extension, an area displays the selected contact. If you expand this area, you will find settings for creating the message:

You can choose next settings:

  • Product;
  • Chat purpose - you can change your chat purpose in any moment during communication;
  • Tone of voice;
  • Communication rules.

Once you have selected all the settings, click the "Generate message" button to create a new message:

Great job! Copy the created message and paste it into chat box on LinkedIn:

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